Only memory remains..

iunie 27, 2008

Good-bye to you, beautiful Belgium. Good-bye my Erasmus friends.


Because the time is running so fast, and my Erasmus adventure is coming to the end, I took advantage and I went for the second time in Paris and Brussels, two of the most European capitals.

Both of them are very similar and if you are a French guy, you will find Brussels like the second home. On my way to Paris, I had the chance to travel with TGV train.

My final exam session.

iunie 19, 2008

Today I had my last exam. This exam put an end to my last exam session for college. A wonderful feeling.

Once in a lifetime.

iunie 18, 2008

Two days ago I was asked by one of my friends: What do you feel now, at the end of this Erasmus experience?

„My friend, this experience is similar like when you are getting married. It happens once in a lifetime. Only here I had the chance to meet plenty of people from so many countries: Bulgaria, France, Italy, Greece, Russia, Turkey, Poland, Finland, Holland etc. Only here I could see so many places: England, France, Holland, Germany, Belgium and Poland. I am sure that you won’t see so many foreign people, maybe only in a pub like Irish Pub.

Here I’ve received my best lesson of my life: we can learn from each other. We are not so different as you think. You will be surprised to find out how many words and habits we have in common. And what it is more important: we think and act similar in most of the problems”

Let’s not forget this adventure. It brings us hope and inspires us. What we have seen here and learnt from it is to pay respect for everything important and for everything we forget.

I know that in this special moment for Christians, it’s a family meeting, but this year I skip this meeting. We did our best to prepare a similar party.

London Called…So I Went!

aprilie 28, 2008

My impressions from London

I absolutely love London! I love the public transportation, and the attitudes of this city. I like all the public gardens, parks and public areas. I had the feeling of diversity in this city, there’s a great mixture of people and cultures in London (in special polish people). There are people from all over the world in London, just there to explore the city’s beauty, art and history. It’s a great feeling! If i will have to chose i place where i would like to live and spend some time, London can be one of my favorite destination. But you have to take in account, that London is one of the most expensive places from the whole world.

What I did in London

The time was very short and London is not a place for couple for hours. I checked out the, Tower of London, Millennium Bridge, Big Ben, House of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Oxford Street and many, many of the streets, parks and lakes. And I really took my time to take photos for each location. When I got tired I took lunch with my girlfriend somewhere around to Oxford Street.

What I Liked Most

The thing that I like most about London is because it hasn’t just one attraction, but the general feeling and experience of the city makes London a great city to explore. Maybe for most of us, their English accent can be quite annoying from time to time, but I could listen English spoken as it really should be. And it’s beautiful to hear! We were like because we had a beautiful day, we were scared that it might rain. It was an awesome day!

I am sure that London is going to be one favorite memories.

Erasmus Football Team

aprilie 25, 2008

It’s a long time since I wrote my last post. Many things happened in this time. But most of the time I spent it playing al lot of games. Here you can see the Erasmus football team

First row: Ovidiu Majina (Romania), Rafal (Poland), Jaroslavs (Latvia),

Second row: Christiano (Italy) Aytac Tufekcibasi (Turkey), Matchin (Poland), Can Ismail Tekin (Turkey), Costin Oane (me, Romania), Matheus (Poland)