Belgium. Here I come

Februarie 10, 2008


There are many reasons why I start this blog (a kind of journal). Don’t’ take me wrong, it won’t be like a journey book, it will be full of photos and some of my opinions about the Erasmus experience in Belgium.

I’m having the chance to learn to one of the most powerful Erasmus University. It’s about Katho University from Belgium. It’s quite a young country, but I think that they are having this Erasmus program from the beginning and also they are from those who promoted this nice idea.


I arrived in Kortjik 3 days ago, and since than I continue to be surprised, in the good way. It’s pretty hard for me to express what I’m felling right now, because I think that I should write a book about them.

Some short opines from my short experience, since I landed here:

  1. Briefly, they are pretty far from most of the Eastern countries from Europe. We should try to work harder if we still want to have a chance.
  2. As far as I can see, everything boils down to education. If you want to listen a good English you should come here to see by yourself.
  3. For most of the people, the weather won’t be so friendly because it’s changing a lot: for instance, the sun is shining and it may be raining, after 5 minutes. In my case, I don’t find it unfriendly; actually I really enjoy this kind of weather. But it’s up to you…
  4. If you had been in Sibiu* and you really enjoy it, you should come in Kortijk because here you can find something like that. For those who don’t know, Sibiu (Romania) was elected to be one of the “the capital of European Culture” for 2007.
  5. For such a small country, Belgium still has many problems and one of them sounds like this: the Flanders and the Walloons don’t fit together anymore. The Flemish live in the North of Belgium, Flanders. They speak Dutch. The Walloons live in the South of Belgium. They speak French. From their point of view, this problem doesn’t have a solution, and it won’t stop.
  6. Here, everything has a meaning, it takes sense. They don’t do anything if they don’t need it. It looks like that all the buildings were erected from yesterday.

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