Erasmus students from every place, let’s start to share what we have!

Februarie 10, 2008


From now on my motto will be: “Erasmus students from every place let’s start to share what we have”. It’s not fair if we keep all these great moments only for us. There must be heard.

Now and Here.




2 Responses to “Erasmus students from every place, let’s start to share what we have!”

  1. Raluca Says:

    I kind of agree with your point of view… But I think that this motto shouldn’t resume only to Erasmus students. In my opinion, this idea of sharing should be extended to every person that comes and goes out and in of your life… no matter if they/you are involved in student exchange program or not.

    Now and There… Have fun!

  2. Mikidoosa Says:

    You have right, I thing that I will write also about Erasmus life, from now on 🙂

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