A trip in Paris and another few words…

Februarie 14, 2008

Saturday I will have the chance to be in Paris, with all the Erasmus students from Katho University. The price wasn’t so expensive, only 25 Euro, and also including some tickets for the main museums. As far as I can see, they can be an institution of once word, they respect their promises.

I was thinking, maybe they don’t do something special for us; at least I don’t think that we have a different status from Belgium students. We receive every thing as a great effort from them, but in my point of view, this is the way how they do their job. No differences. They have a job, and they are trying to do their best. It’s very easy to notice all these changes, in special, if you are in a country like Belgium.

About Erasmus students, things are like this: everyone is trying to show me something. But it starts to be very uncomfortable for me. They should start to wear natural, but I think it will take some time.

See you around.


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