5 reasons to go in Paris

Februarie 24, 2008


If you have any kind of idea to go to Paris, just get on a plane right now and go! But if you are still not sure between visiting Paris and any other city on the planet, here are my 5 reasons to make the City of Light your first choice.

I week ago I’ve been in Paris just for 1 day, a trip organized by Katho University. Of course, a city like Paris is not just for one day. But, right now, I can say that I have an idea about how it looks Paris.

  1. If you are interested in every king of art, Paris is the right choice. For instance, you can visit Musee d’Orsay, you will find famous painters like: Claude Monet, Fernard Cormon, Francois Millet, Henri Matisse etc. And you can take a lot of pictures if you like and nobody will stop you.
  2. I like the way how they spend their free time. You can take a chair and you can sit every where. Most of them are reading a newspaper or a book lie down on the grass, it’s up to you. They don’t find it as a problem they just enjoy every moment and no one can stop them. You have to see by yourself.
  3. I was expecting some different from Eiffel Tower, because in the daylight, when it’s still sunny, Eiffel Tower looks like huge mountain of iron. But, in the night it’s really great. And the view from the top worth every penny.
  4. If you are tired, you can taste a good beer or a wine, at a fancy pub. There are a lot of restaurants, pubs with different kind of atmospheres.
  5. And of course, go and see Louvre. I didn’t see it, but if are staying in Paris more then just one day, you should go there.

P.S. Bucharest (the capital of Romania) use to be called „the small Paris”. So it’s up to you. You can go in „the small Paris” or in the real Paris. But, I prefer the real Paris.


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