Bruges, Antwerp, Ghent!

Martie 10, 2008

In the last 2 weeks I’ve been in 3 big belgium cities: Bruges, Antwerp and Ghent. Every city is special in different way. But there are still many things in common. The buildings, everything is very clean, the pubs, the cathedrals, people are the same. By the way, a have a new look.


Antwerp (8 march) is a very old city. Long time ago, Antwerp was one of the most important financial centers of the world, it is first of all a very dynamic city, offering a perfect mix of history and present-day modern life.



But in Bruges(21 Feb.) was pretty different. If you don’t know, Bruges was the capital of European Culture in 2002, a city which still receives millions of tourists every year. The historical center is not so big. The only mode of public transport inside the city is bus. So if you have a car, I suggest you to find a parking place outside de city. If you can stay away from the chocolate-shops, you can find wonderful places, but pretty expensive. If you have been in Sibiu, take a look and see Bruges, and please let me know.

Ghent (27 Feb.) is a university city full of students and young people. The center of Ghent is quite small, so you can walk around on foot.

In Ghent I had the opportunity to spend one day with a Belgium family. We took diner in their dining room, with their children. We were guests and they treat us like guests. They are very highly read persons, they were traveling a lot, very open minded, in special with children. It’s very nice to see and meet people like them. Really.

The Poem Event

At the end of this day we prepared a special moment for them: every one was supposed to read some famous poems from their country. Some of them read their pomes very fast only to “escape”, some of them did their best. More or less. I was the last one who read the poems and put an end of that beautiful day. But, being honest I was the “man of the show”. Because in my case, I preferred to read my own poems. Not just only read, but the way how I read them was very nice. When I finished, all the people raised up in their fetes and they applauded for couple of minutes. I admit, that day was one of my best days since I’m here. For more days like this one…Cheers.

Stay close, because the next post will about Amsterdam.

See you there.


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