The secret to true friendship is simply to first realize

Martie 11, 2008


Maybe I should have start this blog writing about friends. I’ve realized that you can have real friends much better with foreign people. I don’t know way, but from my previous experience I’ve seen that I can socialized much better with them. The language can be like a wall sometimes, but every time I convince myself finding reasons that this is not a problem.

Because I start to write about friends a have to mention 3 crazy guys: Bart (Poland), Aytac (Turkey) and Can (Turkey again). I mentioned only them because I spent most of my time with them and I had great moments with them. Every one is special in his own way, they have different sense of humor, different stories etc. It’s so nice when you find out that we have common words, common habits, same challenges, and same problems.

All students from all over the word are the same. They really know what it means to save money, to be with out any penny in your pocket, the same stories about parents, girls and parties.

Here is for you Bart, Aytac and Can. I salute you !!!

Cheers Brothers.


2 Responses to “The secret to true friendship is simply to first realize”

  1. Raluca Says:

    „I’ve realized that you can have real friends much better with foreign people”….

    I don’t know whether to say you’re right or so so wrong… You really think that nationality is that much of a problem or of a solution of this kind of problem… how are friends like? In which country you can find them??? And what about Romania? Your own country? What is anyone supposed to understand from that?

  2. Costin Says:

    To be honest, you have a point here, but I believe that we think differently. And this is very good: if we were thinking in the same way, otherwise someone from here would have been besides.

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