Beer tasting with our teachers!!

Martie 12, 2008


Yes is true. Beer tasting with our teachers. And it will be tonight. First time when I heard I thought that it’s a joke, but in fact is not. In my country it’s quite impolite to go to a pub and drink with one of your teachers at the same table.

P.S. By the way, the invitation came from them. And all the drinks are free.

Drinks for everyone! From the house..

One Response to “Beer tasting with our teachers!!”

  1. forget my name Says:

    Hei Costin!
    Vad ca esti in Belgia! Frumoasa locatie ti-ai ales. Iti citeam blogul si ma gandeam ca si eu am avut cam aceleasi impresii cand am ajuns in Groningen. Daca ai drum prin Olanda, da-mi de veste.
    Diana – ADVICE

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