Life is an orange!

Martie 12, 2008


It’s about a boy. Like all the kids. And there were moments in his life when even his life surprised him. And he could not find any answers for all his dilemmas. Every time our boy used to go to his father to find out a kind of answer for all his anxious dilemmas. „Life is an orange” was the father’s answer. But he never understood why this life can be an orange.

The time has passed, and our boy is not a boy anymore. He grown up, he has his own family and he is a dad. His father is old and sick, somewhere in a hospital. In every moment he can die. His son had in mind to ask his father before he die, why “life is an orange”? He came closer to his ear and asked him:

Dad, please can you tell me why this life is an orange? Since I was a kid I was very curious to find out why for all my questions you gave me just one answer: “life is an orange”. Please don’t go away, without telling me the last answer. Pleeaasssseee…

Son, you don’t know why this life is an orange? To be honest with you, I don’t know either.

And after these words the old man died.

Sometimes there are some moments in my life, when even this life surprised me. And I still have questions, like our boy. I still need to ask somebody for an answer. Growing up, I’ve realised that all my questions are in fact my answers.

Good night !


One Response to “Life is an orange!”

  1. Sorin O. Says:

    Mie imi place povesta asta. Nu trebuie sa explici nimanui morala ei. Frumusetea este in ceea ce sugereaza si nu in ceea ce ar putea spune explicit. Mai lasa si cititorul sa adauge ceva.

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