After beer tasting

Martie 13, 2008

One day you discover these exceptional beers. After that, on each new occasion, all the meetings will be a pleasure. All the beers have made a big impression on me.
Another 10 mark for Katho University. They prepared a short presentation of the most famous Belgium beers. And then, we supposed to taste 3 different kinds of beers.
The first one was “Kriek” a light beer, and the taste was like a cherry juice. The name is derived from the Dutch word for this type of cherry. If you ask me, I can’t say that Kriek is a beer. But it was nice to try.
The second beer “Chimay”was a strong one, 9% alcohol. Very nice battle, interesting taste. Good to try it next time.
The last one was “Duvel”, another strong beer again, 8.5% alcohol. If you are new with this beer you can have some problems how to pronounce “Duvel”. The flemish pronunciation is “Doov’l”.


2 Responses to “After beer tasting”

  1. Sorin O. Says:

    Mi-ai facut pofta ! Sa imi spui care bere e preferata ta, dupa toata experienta asta belgiana, nu doar dupa cele intimplate ieri.

  2. Mikidoosa Says:

    You have right, Kriek is good because don’t have the beer taste 😛

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