The people of Amsterdam are Amsterdam.

Martie 17, 2008

If someone asks me to make a sum up of Amsterdam, I will say that, Amsterdam is by far, the true city of tolerance and diversity. And I think that you must have some background, some training to understand this kind of freedom. The people of Amsterdam are Amsterdam.

Maybe you will say: millions of tourists can’t be wrong! Amsterdam. Can be true. But this place is not my type. People look very strange; you can smell marijuana from the street. Amsterdam is very very crowded and gives you anxiety feeling.
Amsterdam is one of the greatest cities in the world, a city which still receives millions of tourists every year. Is one of the most visited places in the world, after London, Paris and Barcelona. There are not to many things to visit (maybe I’m wrong) in Amsterdam, the main attractions for most visitors are:

Red Light District

You might be surprised to discover that this sex-for-sale zone occupies a handsome area of 16th century canals and the “ordinary” people still leave here and go on with the daily business of life. If you are a boy, I am sure that your eyes will be for a moment focus on women behind the red windows. The whole area of town called Red Light District is always invaded by large groups of tourists walking in the streets and looking at the windows with the girls. I don’t recommend you to visit the Red Light section after dark. It’s more sinister and can be dangerous. According to statistics there are now over 25,000 prostitutes in the Netherlands. Prostitution has been legal in the Netherlands from 1815 and in 1996 the Dutch government started to tax it. By the way, no cameras in red light distict!

Coffee shops.
Here you can buy small amounts of cannabis. Coffee shops must not sell to anyone under 18 and they must not sell more than 5g to any customer. Hard drugs are strictly prohibited. Walking around the city I’ve seen a social campaign, that more and more kids under 10 years old, started to smoke and not everthing they started to smoke marijuana. In the midnight, we will find people asking you if you want some „ecstasy”.

Sex Museum. Erotic Museum
You will find a great collection of erotic art. The Erotic museum reflects what it is all about in the Red Light District.

You can be sure that Amsterdam is more than this, and you can get a most authentic experience from it. It was nice experience. It’s totally different from everything I’ve seen by now.

If you are in relationship, take your girlfriend and go in Amsterdam. Nobody will disturb you.

I can bet for this.


2 Responses to “The people of Amsterdam are Amsterdam.”

  1. elodia Says:

    does van gogh museum ring a bell?

  2. vladootz Says:

    So the main attractions in Amsterdam are sex, drugs and… sex?

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