Back home from Germany

Martie 25, 2008

I just come back from Germany and even that I am tired and sleepy I don’t have sleep if I don’t share to you some short opinions about my trip in Germany. You will see that in all my opinions I coming back to my Belgium experience trying to find out some differences between Belgium and Germany. Maybe you will ask yourself, why I don’t compare my experience from Germany with Romania and why I prefer Belgium? I don’t have something with my country and believe me that I would like to write about Romania, but unfortunately, there is nothing to compare with Romania. Romania is not Germany and it won’t be.

You need just 6 hours from Kortijk to Gelsenkirchen. In Gelsenkirchen I met my Romanian friends, they are studying there and that’s way I had a place to stay over the night. Nowadays is very hard to meet people like them.

In the next post, I will tell you more about the places I visited, but for now some short and general thoughts about Germany:

Trains. If you are coming for the first time in Germany, you will be surprised how big there are the railways stations, how clean, fast and comfortable can be. I think that every station has at least 11 or 12 platforms. And of course, all the trains are coming in time. It’s incredible how discipline, organize, punctual can be these people. It’s hard to admit, but these words like “punctual”, “organize” and “discipline” doesn’t have any meaning for Romanian people.
English. I couldn’t find so many people speaking English like in Belgium. If you are going in a supermarket or you are in a tram and you lost your way, I’m afraid that you won’t find so many people who can give you a piece of advice in English.

Weather. The weather wasn’t so friendly with us. It’s still winter there. Most of the time, it was raining and from time to time it was snowing. That’s way we couldn’t do so many things and we preferred to run from a pub to another.
Music. I am not very good in music but in the place where I stayed I had the chance to listen some german songs. I don’t understand all the lyrics, but from my point of view is more noise than music.

Beers. You will be very surprised to see people drinking beer in the street or in the tram. It’s not forbidden to take your beer and drinking it outside. In America, Belgium or Romania this habit is punished. They don’t have so many kinds of beers like in Belgium but they drink as much beer like them. Their famous beer is Beck’s, but is not the best beer from Germany.
Girls. From all the young girls I’ve seen in Germany most of them have at least one “piercing”: in the nose, in the eyebrow or in the tongue. It must be very painful. For those who have “piercing” in the tongue, I’m wondering how they could eat a chocolate bar full of nuts. A girl with a piercing in the tongue told me that most of the boys are really happy when they kiss (french kiss) a girl with a piercing. Can be a reason, why not?

Prices. The prices are really good compared with the Belgium prices. I dare say that the prices are really close to Romanian prices. That’s one of the reasons to believe that they have a strong economy.

I’m going to sleep.

Good night, Germany!


3 Responses to “Back home from Germany”

  1. Sorin O. Says:

    Bai, tu devii un adevarat reporter frenetic. Or sa te angajeze astia la Dicovery sau National Geographic. Ma bucur pentru experienta ta germana. Astept continuarea.

  2. Mikidoosa Says:

    Not every station has 11-12 platforms, only the big ones…

  3. Vlad Says:

    Salut Costin.

    Foarte misto ca scri in mod constant despre ceea ce se intampla prin „tarile calde” pe unde umbli…asa mai afla si omul una alta despre tine in perioada asta 😉

    Astept sa mai vb si pe mess…

    Te-am salutat, distractie placuta in continuare si sa ne vedem sanatosi la vara!

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