Once in a lifetime.

Iunie 18, 2008

Two days ago I was asked by one of my friends: What do you feel now, at the end of this Erasmus experience?

„My friend, this experience is similar like when you are getting married. It happens once in a lifetime. Only here I had the chance to meet plenty of people from so many countries: Bulgaria, France, Italy, Greece, Russia, Turkey, Poland, Finland, Holland etc. Only here I could see so many places: England, France, Holland, Germany, Belgium and Poland. I am sure that you won’t see so many foreign people, maybe only in a pub like Irish Pub.

Here I’ve received my best lesson of my life: we can learn from each other. We are not so different as you think. You will be surprised to find out how many words and habits we have in common. And what it is more important: we think and act similar in most of the problems”

Let’s not forget this adventure. It brings us hope and inspires us. What we have seen here and learnt from it is to pay respect for everything important and for everything we forget.


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